The internet's best source for unusual vintage beads, findings and bead supplies.

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The Web's best source for unusual vintage beads, vintage findings and bead supplies.  We also feature vintage cabochons, vintage cameos and vintage plastic beads. 


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We have constructed this site with ease of use in mind.  You can browse our vintage beads and vintage glass beads by color.  We have Vintage Cabochons, Vintage Metal and Vintage Cameos on their own pages.  Don't forget to check Vintage Plastic Pendants included as a link on our Vintage Pendants Page!  Simply click on our bead links or our bead color outline that you will find on the bottom of every one of our bead pages.  We suggest that you check back often.  We continually add Vintage Beads, Cabochons, Findings and Cameos from our vast collection.  We want your shopping experience with us to be fun and easy and if you should have any questions please contact us at

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You May Ask “What are Vintage Beads?”

If you look in the dictionary under the word “Vintage” you may find something like, “recognized as being of high quality and lasting appeal” or  “the period of time when something appeared or began”.  In a thesaurus you may find the words “Classic” or “Antique”.

You also might find the words "vintage beads" used many different ways as you search the internet. To us, a real vintage bead has to be at least 35 years old.  A vintage bead should also have a unique value and appeal.  Our Vintage Beads make your pieces and designs special because all of our vintage beads are of limited quantities and are little works of art unto themselves.  We believe that Vintage beads are little pieces of history, a reminder of eras gone by.  Many vintage beads were produced completely different then today’s beads, and this is simply apparent by their touch and feel and none of our Vintage Beads will ever be produced again.

We feature vintage beads both glass and plastic from all over the world.  You will find Japanese beads, East and West German beads, Vintage Cabochons, Vintage cameos, Vintage Swarovskis, Italian Beads, Czech beads and many more.  Many of our Vintage Beads have original tags.

We suggest that you check back often.  We continually add Vintage Beads, Cabochons, Finding and Cameos from our vast collection.

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