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Vintage Pink Beads

Browse our complete selection of Vintage Pink Beads. 

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(PK-01)  8 x 8mm   Spectacular Spun Satin Hexagon Cubes.  From Czechoslovakia

6 beads for $ 5.00

(PK-02)  Chunky knots.  Truly original,  paper mache knot beads, on original strand with "Made in Japan" tag.  13mm x 8mm pink, red and white. 

12 beads for $ 7.00

(PK-03)  18 x 12mm   Picasso Flat Ovals.  From Japan.

6 beads for $ 4.00  

(PK-05)  6mm   Semi Translucent Faceted Glass Round.  From Japan

6 vintage beads for $ 5.00

Vintage Pink Bead

Milk glass round beads with pink rose petal design on both sides.  Also available in Yellow.

(PK-06)  12mm  6 beads for $ 5.00

(PK-06a)  10mm  8 beads for $ 5.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-07)  6 x 8mm Pink based glass bi-cone with mottled purple and gold effects.

25 beads for $ 8.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-08)  11 x 17mm Rose decal milk glass oval.  From Japan.  Also available in round and cylinder.

15 beads for $ 8.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-09)  Celestial splendor!  Glass bead with tiny indented gold stars.  Also available in light blue and turquoise.  8 x 12 mm.  From West Germany.

4 beads for $ 3.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-10)  Molded glass nugget from Japan.  9 x 10mm.  Textured on both sides.

15 beads for $ 9.00

Vintage Pink Bead

Milk glass with a pink blush.  From Japan.

(PK-11a)  8mm   12 beads for $ 3.00

(PK-11b)  6mm   12 beads for $ 3.00

Vintage Pink Bead

Glass diamond buttons. Sizes and shapes will vary.  From Japan

(PK-12)  6 x 8mm  16 beads for $ 5.00

(PK-12a)  10 x 12mm  12 beads for $ 5.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-13)  Czech satin glass 4mm cylinders.  Hand cut sizes do vary.  Also Available in Ivory & Dark Pink.

50 beads for $ 5.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-14)  7mm Pink and white glass rounds with a crackle finish.

15 beads for $ 7.00

(PK-15)  32 mm   Glass drops, perfect for earrings.

2 vintage beads for $ 6.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-17)  Rose decal milk glass cylinder.  7 x 14mm from Japan.  Scan shows rose as red/orange bead is actually more of a pink/red.  Also available in round and oval.

12 beads for $ 6.00


Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-19)  13 x 6mm Pink Glass Swirl.  From Japan.

25 beads for $ 4.00

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-20)  11 x 5mm   Glass Rice Bead.  From Japan

12 beads for $ 3.00         

Vintage Pink Bead

(PK-22)  12mm  Pink glass button bead.  From West Germany.

8 beads for $ 7.00

Vintage Pink Beads

(PK-24)  6mm  Precious Pink Glass Round.  200 Beads per Strand.

$ 12.00 per Strand

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